‘Tempest’ Leaf Blower

leaf blower img - 'Tempest' Leaf Blower

Leaf Blowing System

Our patented leaf blowing system is the most effective method of removing leaves in rural/semi-rural conditions. It blows leaves off roads and footpaths into verges in one pass, by cleverly using the sweeper vacuum exhaust air, blowing it out from under the front of the chassis cab. Full electric control allows you to adjust the air jet angle to right where you need it. It reduces nonproductive off-site time and has considerable fuel and environmental savings by eliminating needless journeys to landfill sites.

Leaf Blowing System – Wander Hose

The hand blowing wander hose attachment reaches into corners and difficult areas where leaves cannot be blown away. The handheld blower attachment enables the operator to blow them into the road, where they can be swept up conventionally by the sweeper.