2014 British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone


This year’s British Formula 1 Grand Prix, held at Silverstone, was a landmark occasion – not only for Stock Sweepers – but also for the circuit’s illustrious history. 2014 saw the 50th British Grand Prix held at Silverstone, and it was truly an exceptional event.

20 out of the 28 drivers that took part in that first ever race were British, and while an Italian took the honours that day, more British drivers have gone on to win their home race than any other nationality. 12 British drivers have won their home Grand Prix over the years, ten of whom have won at Silverstone. British racing legends such as Sir Jackie Stewart, James Hunt, Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill to name a few, have all taken the chequered flag at Silverstone, and now Lewis Hamilton – the last British winner in 2008 and now also in 2014!

To commemorate this special milestone in Silverstone’s history, the circuit organised a number of events for fans attending this year’s British Grand Prix, including a Heritage Village, which featured displays of memorable moments in the circuit’s history and iconic Formula 1 cars.

Understandably, Stock Sweepers was very proud to be part of the event for the third year running, helping keep the track clean, safe and marble-free. We don’t think Stock Sweepers or the British public could have asked for a better weekend. Stock Sweepers, as the only British-owned heavy-duty road sweeper manufacturer, kept the track safe and clean, whilst the fans enjoyed the roller-coaster adrenaline rush that the 50th British Gran Prix brought. After such a great weekend with Lewis Hamilton taking first place, it’s never felt better to be British!

If that wasn’t enough, Stock Sweepers, along with all the fans that came along, were spoilt with the aerobatic air display of the RAF’s Red Arrows, who were also marking their 50th anniversary. They gave us all a superb air display, executing some of the most impressive air manoeuvers in precision flying.

Stock Sweepers would like to thank all the organisers and everyone involved in making this magnificent weekend run smoothly and safely.

We would also like to mention the amazing reaction to #KeepFightingMichael this weekend. We adorned our road sweepers this year with the message to show our support, and we couldn’t believe the response from all the fans.

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