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Stock Sweepers, From Humble Beginnings

Stock Sweepers was founded in 1998. Our family business was created to recondition and remount used road sweeping equipment onto new chassis, specifically for our own operated hire fleet. Word about our work spread fast, and quickly the business grew into the UK’s premier company for remounting truck mounted sweepers.

2009 – Into a New Era

10 long years of dismantling and rebuilding worn sweeping equipment taught us many things about road sweepers. We learnt that there were common weaknesses found on many of the existing machines available on the market. We believed that one day we could overcome these weaknesses, and that we could build a better, longer-lasting machine with a much greater life span than the existing manufacturers. In 2009, we launched two new robust sweepers: the S6400 and S8400. Utilising the latest British road sweeping technologies available to us, and remaining focused on maximum life span, we used top quality components to make sure our machines were designed to last up to 20 years with regular care and sensible maintenance.


Our sweepers are now available in many different countries in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. We remain true to our vision, which is building quality machines that have the longest working life achievable and minimum down time for our customers. Our mission will never be to sell the most number of sweepers; it’s to build the best sweeper possible.

Our Road Sweepers