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Stock Sweepers are available in many different territories within North America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Our network of distributors import our sweepers in SKID format from our factory the United Kingdom. This is by far the most economical method of getting Stock Sweepers into your local market.

What is a SKID Unit?

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STEP 1 – SKID Unit Packing and Shipping

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STEP 2 – SKID Mounting

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Become a Distributor

If there are currently no distributors in your local market and you are interested in becoming a distributor, please get in touch by simply filling in the contact information form below. We evaluate each applicants capabilities to become a Stock Sweepers distributor. It’s a simple process where we assess your competencies in marketing, sales and technical support for a long-term business relationship in your country. Successful distributors are invited to join our dealer network under contract and will then purchase a demonstration vehicle for their country. Full training and on-going support is provided to each dealer and/or their third party contractors who may manage part of the agency. For example; you may choose to use a third party commercial vehicle agent to mount the SKID units on chassis locally to you if your skills are more focused on marketing and sales.

All enquiries generated within that territory are exclusively yours to manage under the agreement.


Click here to download our International Agency Application Form.