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Welcome to Stock Sweepers

We remain true to our vision, which is building quality machines that have the longest working life achievable and minimum down time for our customers. Our mission will never be to sell the most number of sweepers; it’s to build the best sweeper possible.

Excellent Quality

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We ran our own fleet of sweepers for many years, and naturally, we are extremely in-tune with our customers’ needs. We manufacture quality components that last the longest time possible. Every attempt is made to get the maximum life span for each part, helping our customers get exactly what they need – reliable machines.

British Standards

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In 2009, we launched two new robust sweepers: the S6400 and S8400. Utilising the latest British road sweeping technologies available to us, and remaining focused on maximum life span, we used top quality components to make sure our machines are -designed to last up to 20 years.


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“I am very pleased with this machine. It’s extremely well-built, and the service was first-rate. I love all of the extras and great ideas Jeff has had, including the leaf blower system which is out of this world.”

Maximum Reliability

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Maximum utilisation is at the heart of a Stock Sweeper; we make sure the operator can get the maximum work time possible from any of our machines. Robust, modern engineering ensures our customers are road sweeping for the maximum time possible.

Share our Vision

Want to learn more about our excellent S6400 and S8400 road sweepers? Just follow the link below…

Our Road Sweepers